underground hogwarts study

2022 - San Francisco

As a teenager who grew up in the world of Harry Potter, I wanted to bring the feeling of Oxford/Cambridge-style libraries to SF. Hogwarts tapestries frame the space. The Chess pieces are from the Harry Potter chess set. There’s a hedwig lamp, Platform 9 3/4 snow globe, and snitch - if you can find it :)

The space lies underground with skylights giving way to the sidewalk ahead. One gets the sense that they are free to wonder and study in a hidden world. Green lamps inspired from the green banker lamps that sit on every table at the Boston Public Library. The paintings chosen: The School of Athens by Raphael (discussion on the nature of reality), Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich (self-contemplation), and The Storm of the Sea by Rembrandt (exploration into the unknown). These all represent the journey of inquiry, discussion, and action.

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